3 Months Study Plan to Clear FCPS Part 1 Dentistry by Dr Mehak Khan and Dr Zainab Naqvi

Books to be followed for FCPS part 1 Dentistry:

1) Anatomy

Head and Neck: Snell Review

Neuroanatomy: Kaplan

Thorax: Snell Review

General Anatomy: NBDE First Aid

Histology: NBDE First aid

USMLE First Aid

Embryology: USMLE First aid

NBDE First Aid

Upper limb: Snell Review

(Brachial Plexus + lesions involved).

Lower limb + Abdomen: Coffeedent’s MCQs only.

2) Physiology:

BRS Physiology

USMLE First Aid

3) Pathology

General Pathology: BRS Pathology

USMLE First Aid

Special Pathology: USMLE First Aid

Microbiology: USMLE First Aid

4) Pharmacology:

Kaplan or USMLE First Aid

(whatever suits you).

5) Oral Pathology:


6) Dental Materials:


7)Oral Biology, Oral Histology & Oral Embryology:

NBDE First Aid

8) Tooth Morphology:

NBDE First Aid

9) General Medicine:

Theory would be covered by doing theory of Special Pathology, Microbiology and Pharmacology.

10) Biochemistry:

USMLE First Aid

11) Research and Biostatistics:

No need to do theory(do whatever comes in MCQs of Coffeedent and Asim & Shoaib).

12) Behavioural Sciences and Medical Ethics:

No need to do theory(do whatever comes in MCQs of Coffeedent and Asim & Shoaib).


MCQs books for FCPS part 1 Dentistry:

1) Coffeedent Online Course for FCPS Part 1

2) Asim and Shoaib(Dentistry)

3) Rabia Ali


3 months study plan for preparation of FCPS part 1 Dentistry:

Give 61 days to theory along with MCQs of Coffeedent and Rabia ali:

Do Gross anatomy, Embryology, Histology, Physiology, Pathology and Pharmacology of all systems together, like if you are doing any one system do all of them(Gross anatomy, Embryology, Histology, Physiology, Pathology and Pharmacology) for that particular system instead of giving extra time to all subjects.

There are 9 sections to do theory and  MCQs of Coffeedent and Rabia ali. Sections have been made on purpose, so follow them as it is. Like if one section includes 3 systems then do those systems together instead of picking one system from one section and other from any other section. We have put those systems together which are related to each other. And yes sequence of sections is your choice.

1) Give 5 days to Cell and ANS.

2) 10 days for Head and Neck, and Neuro.

3) 1 day for brachial plexus + lesions involved.

4) 12 days for Thorax and Renal.

Remember that CVS and Respiration include in thorax obviously(I haven’t forgotten or missed them in schedule).

5) 7 days for Hematology, Oncology, Immunology and Biochemistry.

6) 6 days for Endocrinology(including Reproduction) and Gestrointestine.

7) 5 days for General Pathology.

8) 3 days for Microbiology.

9) 7 days for Dentistry(Oral Pathology, Dental Materials, Tooth Morphology and Oral Biology, Oral Histology & Oral Embryology).

Choice is yours that whether you want to do both theory and MCQs of Oral Pathology and Dental Materials or only MCQs. Divide MCQs of Dental Materials for 7 days instead of giving extra time(because MCQs of Dental Materials are forgettable).

Give 5 more days to General Embryology, General Histology and General Anatomy(2 days for General Embryology, 2 days for General Histology and 1 day for General Anatomy).

General Pharmacology would be covered while doing the section with which 1 is mentioned(Cell and ANS section). If you want to do General Embryology, General Histology, General Anatomy, General Pathology and Geneneral Paharmacology before other sections then that is your choice – whatever suits you. Sequence of sections(1 – 9)  is also your choice.

Uptill now(61 days passed) we have covered theory of all subjects, and MCQs of Coffeedent and Rabia Ali one time as well(Special Pathology of bone, soft tissue and skin would be covered while doing MCQs. We are done with theory of General Medicine while doing theory of Special Pathology, Microbiology and Pharmacology, but we are left with MCQs of General Medicine from Coffeedent, that would be covered while doing revision of Coffeedent).

 Now give straight 7 days to Asim and Shoaib. Divide its MCQs for 5 days and comlete Asim and Shoaib, and then give 2 days for revision. So Asim and Shoaib would be done twice.

Now you are left with 23 days: Do Coffeedent and Rabia Ali preferably 2 times again(do MCQs based study – while doing MCQs if you need to see theory you can, there is no restriction). It is preferable to do Asim and Shoaib once again as well. Last and most importantly do past papers given separately in Coffeedent 2,3 times before exam(you have done them before too because those MCQs have been added in Subjects wise MCQs too and separately in past papers too. But do them again and again).

Do all MCQs atleast 3 times, if you don’t get much time then do them twice and for the third time do those topics or subjects which you find difficult or which are forgettable.

You could also watch video lectures online if you need to see them for understanding of any topic. (optional)

These are 91 days in total. As in 3 months everyone would get atleast one month for 31 days as well, so nothing to worry, 91 days would make 3 months.

You have done your best, now leave rest on Allah. Allah would do best now. Don’t be panic, just relax now especially keep you mind fresh on exam day. If mind is relax it would work properly and more efficiently.

Good luck!

January 21, 2024

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  1. How’ll we get to know the topics? Like keya parhna hay keya nahi, I’m trapped there. I pick up a book and I’m not sure which chapter to do and not

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