3 Months Study Plan to Clear FCPS Part 1 Dentistry by Dr Mehak Khan and Dr Zainab Naqvi

Books to be followed for FCPS part 1 Dentistry: 1) Anatomy Head and Neck: Snell Review Neuroanatomy: Kaplan Thorax: Snell …Read More

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Study Plan for FCPS Part 1 Dentistry June 2021 by Dr Rehan Ahmad

Assalam o Alaikum FCPS 1 (2021 May/June Attempt) I started my FCPS-I preparation in NOV 2020 and opted for FEB …Read More

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Experience of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry June 2021 by Dr Saad

I am Dr saad from army medical college, completed house job from AFID. Alhumdulilah cleared my part one , it …Read More

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How to Clear JCAT MDS (By Candidate who Cleared in May 2021 Exam)

Assalam o alikum.. A guide to clear MDS: So first of all there was a time when i don’t even …Read More

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Jahangir’s Pool of MCQs 14th Edition

Jahangir’s Pool of MCQs 14th Edition. This Book is available now.Read More

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How to Start and Effectively Use Course/Continue Course after Subscribing to any course in Coffeedent?

Hello Guys, today we will discuss how can you start a course or continue a course which you have subscribed …Read More

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