In modern time to compete with World we had to change our tools of Education. Most of exams around the World are computer based and online. Same is the case with FCPS Part 1. As CPSP has changed the method of taking FCPS Part 1 we have decided to have online education system for you people. It is more easier and fastest way of education with less chances of errors. is online platform for Dentistry Courses. This is the first online system which will cover your Prep. of Post Graduate Exams. This course will make your prep in accordance to CPSP’s method of exam.

FCPS Part 1 Dentistry by Coffeedent contains Subjectwise MCQs which are divided into chapters so that you can do MCQs after going through each chapter of subject.  At the end of each subject there is MOCK Test which is best way to evaluate your prep of that specific Subject. Mock Test at the end of each subject is Timely based and you have to take that test on the given time.

This course also contains Random pearls/Important points of each Subject so that you can grip that subject. At the end of Course there is Grand Mock Test which is similar to CPSP Exam of FCPS Part 1. There are two papers of Grand Mock Test each having 100 question , time limit of 120 Mins and passing marks of 75%. So in short this course will make your prep easier, faster and yes it will make you familiar with online MCQs solving method which will help you in real exam.

One thing you should keep in mind to take Grand Mock test only after you have completed all MCQs and Random/Pearls unit so that you can better evaluate yourself.

Explanations are given for MCQs of Anatomy and Oral Pathology. We will add explanations to other subjects on regular basis. We will also add more MCQs which will be helpful in your exam. So by enrolling yourself to this course you will be able to take more and more MCQs plus explanations of MCQs. This will be the best way for Preparation of FCPS Part 1.

Note: You can take any Quiz/Unit/Mock Test any time you want and can retake any Quiz/Unit/Mock Test with out any limit. 

You can sign up and subscribe for the course by clicking the link given bellow:

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