Experience of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry November 2019 by Dr. Bareera Yasir

Alhumdullillah I cleared fcps part 1. I’ve attempted this exam 5 times. However the first two attempts I don’t even count because I didn’t study for them at all. Attempted a few mcqs only from the first or maybe second edition of JK and that was years ago.


Did Physiology theory I think and maybe Biochemistry I’m not sure I don’t remember now. I got too busy with what we call life but at the back of my head I always knew I wanted to pass this exam and start training InshaAllah. Many times I decided I’ll appear and I’d even start studying but then one thing or the other would happen and I just couldn’t go through with it. There were many reasons but lack of support from family wasn’t one of them. Its just that sometimes things aren’t meant to happen but you don’t realise that…you only keep thinking negatively and keep drowning in those negative thoughts.

So last year, I appeared for the exam in March. March 2018 that is. I did study. Married and have a little toddler so it was hard to sit and study consistently but I tried my best. I failed. And I didn’t score good marks or anything my aggregate was pretty low. I decided to give it a shot again in May. I failed again. This time around the marks were way better but offcourse I couldn’t clear it because they weren’t 75. Both times I had studied well. The usual books…rabia ali for certain important chapters(I didn’t do all of it even this time), Asim and shoaib dentistry and last but not the least JK.

Jahangir bhai I have like 4 of your books(different editions) lol Ok so I literally gave up in May. I thought ok this fcps isn’t for me. Got busy with life again. This June however I decided I’ll appear for either the September or November attempt. A very close family members wedding was in September so I settled for the November attempt. Got the subscription for coffeedent some time in July I think or maybe August. I did not do much of theory this time as I was literally sick of the books. Just did a few things from USMLE first aid. asim and shoaib dentistry is very important. I did it twice. However, this time around I attempted mcqs from coffeedent. I could attempt mcqs anytime and anywhere. As I mentioned earlier there was a wedding in my family in September, it was easier to just open up my phone and attempt mcqs on the go. If I didn’t understand a question I’d just google and get the hang of concepts.

Sometimes I’d take screenshots of mcqs I didn’t understand and revise them later in my free time. I think I attempted every section of coffeedent thrice. Also, attempt coffeedent on your laptop 15 days before the exam and not on your phone. I’m saying this because in the exam I didn’t feel like it was an exam because of this very reason. I had been attempting on the phone and laptop and I had become used to that online feeling and attempting an exam on a laptop didn’t feel like an alien thing to me then. Jahangir bhai you have done ALOT for us. Your hard work can be seen in our success.

Thank you so much for your efforts. May Allah give you a lot of success. Ameen.

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