How to clear FCPS Part 1 by Dr. Zahoor Ahmed (ZAB) September 2019



I was very confused until the last date of September attempt k September attempt do ya November becz our house job ended on 15 august but thanks to one of my senior and teacher who told me that don’t waste ya ap log keh sakhtay hai skip your attempt so mein apply kya September k lia .
Firstly I would like to say that take everyone’s opinion of how they studied but make your own study plan bcz no one knows you better than yourself.
Aik aur chez Bear in mind that in this exam Luck plays a minor and but significant role and besides that we all know that every body works hard for this exam.

I studied in the last 3 moths of my house job plus one month after house job.

Note: With all subjects I did rabia Ali mcqs sath sath


Did from BRS. Gave it maximum time.
in house job i was in orthodonic posting and hamare opd mein Hos k lia free time hai ortho mein aik month becs slow study ki but achi wale
Later i did try to cover CVS,Respiratory from USMLE Physio but didn’t have time to do all of usmle sath sath every chapter of brs k rabia ali se bcqs kye

2) Anatomy

Gave 7 days to Snell review
5 days to Neuroanatomy ( Kaplan ) {btw if u check out the tables of usmle neuroanatomy it really helps}
3 days to Embryo
1 day Histo ( did just epithelium types from NBDE book,) and General ana Joint types from rabia theory) sath sath head and neck throax and back k bcqs and neuroana k bcqs from rabia ali ..i did neuro ana bcaqs from rabia ali and now a day #coffee_dent app by #JK us se bhi

3) Pathology:

Gave 8 days BRS patho 1st 8 chapter and rabia ali bcqs

4) Microbiology:

5 days USMLE micro. And rabia ali bcqs


3 days. Did very selective from USMLE and mcqs Rabia Ali

6)Immunology…nahi ki 😂

7) Tooth Morphology & Oral Biology:

Only bcqs from rabia and dentologist

I just did bcqs from rabia ali and bcqs_from #cofeedent but ratt lia th 3 dafa parhe th

9) Dental Materials:

VJ PRATAB mcqs and dentologist bcqs

10) Oral Pathology:

did DENTOGIST mcqs of oral patho .
I didn’t study tanveer and
Sk se point parhe th ….

In the last 25 days, I only did bcqs. Us mein last 6 days k plan in the end i will write baqi 19 days
Left last 8 days for JAHANGIR KHAN which I did twice
6 days Baki Asim and Shoaib Dentistry I only got to do twice( If u get time make sure to learn it by heart , revise it twice if u can )

#JK is very very important hifz karen us ko
Cofee dent JK ne aur bhi eassy kya hai its chapter wise ….
Thanks Dr JK you made easy FCPS part 1 for us .

And lastly in last 5 rabia ali …
Its very important to do recent past paper they will help you alot ….like feb aprip and now September 2019 any how ..
Now come to last 6 days plan one of my senior told me it helped me alot
2 days m rabia se pharma k bcqs neuroana and head and neck k bcqs any how
2 days asim shoaib dentistry
Last 2 days JK and recent past papers any how ..

(And then pray alot , it works wonders)

and About this group, its very important but use it wisely. If you have a confusion in mcq,search it on the group n try to look at older posts cuz they are more reliable. Newer posts are all by ppl who are currently preparing for part 1 so its likely. u will get more confused.
Beleive in your self and most importantly believe in Allah .this exam is so unpredictable. But remember one thing mehnat ki ho to Allah uska phal zaroor data hai .sooner or later you will get the reward

Hope it Helps. You can do it )
GOODLUCK to all who are appearing in November attempt
.remember me in your prayers # JAZAKALLAH.

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November 18, 2022

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