How to Clear JCAT MDS (By Candidate who Cleared in May 2021 Exam)

Assalam o alikum..

A guide to clear MDS:

So first of all there was a time when i don’t even know meaning of errata n i used to feeel so lost in fcps groups.. k y impossible hai to do..
after housejob i got job n for good 2 years i did nothing..
then in december i saw a group link of Dr khubaib
texted him n he added me to his may attempt group
although that group was for FCPS but it helped m alot as i am a person who needs a scedual to study n combine study helps.. khud s nai bnte speed..
so i did all basic with them n clinical on my own..n it worked wonders..

[ ] BRS physiology and First AID just tables and diagrams
[ ] for general patho i did first 3 chps from brs patho then switched to rabia ali.. did theory from there while doing mcqs sath sath kch theory dekh li
[ ] anatomy i did from naseem shehzad and embryo from rabia ali G.A and General histo just did rabia ali mcqs
[ ] pharma i just did rabia ali mcqs along with naseem shehzads pharma portion
[ ] biochem i did rabia ali alongwith sk
[ ] micro rabia ali ..
[ ] dental materials vijay pratab
[ ] oral pathology.. coffeedent k sareeee mcqs..dont leave any chpter
[ ] perio ortho operative surgery and prostho did from NBDE 2 along with dentogist..
[ ] rabia ali hr subjct k sath sath ki thi mn ne..i started coffeedent a bit late will advise k coffeedent shru s strt kren.. it wz helpful cz rabia ali s kuch khas repeat nai hua tha..
in last days focus on dentogist for clinical and focus on coffeedent mainly along with your own short notes. n must go past papers hope this helps last thing start coffeedent as soon as u can..
i took MDS course..
n its pretty extensive.. covers alotttt..
best part is u can do it anywhere.. jb b time mile 10 20 mcq kr lie.. n keep repeating the course again and again..


Bellow is the MDS Course by Coffeedent.

JCAT MDS, MPhil, Public Service Commission and FCPS Residency Test

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