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Today in this post we will share some review comments about FCPS Part 1 Dentistry by Coffeedent so that you can get an idea about importance of Coffeedent.

One more Student Feedback:

‘Please cut my name off because i really dont wana disclose . Part 1 has been a great struggle for me i did all sort of thoeries and text books in my past attempts and i wouldnt pass. This time i signed up for coffeedent and repeatedly did the papers over and over like i would do it on my phone even if i were at restaurant or a dawat or my car. And alhumdilillah i passed my exam. Thankyou JazakAllah’



September Evening 2020 Paper:



Reviews of November 2021


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December 19, 2021

16 responses on "Reviews about FCPS Part 1 Dentistry by Coffeedent by Students"

  1. Coffedent is awesome ….a key to success in clearing part 1 ..Alhamdulilah I got clear in first attempt…A big thanks to jk sir ..

  2. I sincerely recommend Coffeedent to all those candidates who are about to appear in coming attempt of part 1 .
    When I was giving my part 1 exam I realized Coffeedent is just the key to pass it in first attempt.
    All the efforts of Dr Jaykay are highly appreciable
    Thanks Alot Sir

  3. I want to buy jahangir Khan pool of Mcqs for Fcps dentistry

  4. Coffeedent is the best online system of MCQs and it is a must, you have no choice to skip it.
    I myself passed my exam only because of Coffeedent. And I felt in exam like I was solving Coffeedent’s quiz.
    Highly recommended!

  5. Special thanks to u sir JK
    Coffeedentny bht hlpout kia mjy
    Is book ki wja sy meny pass kia plus is book ki sb sy achi bat ye k past papr nd rltd topics bht sary points or diagrams thn jo retain rhi mind mein or bht sy mcqs solve hoey aisy
    R ziada tnshn nhi laini prdi q k sb kuch hi tha almost is book mein
    Best book…
    Thank u sooooo much

  6. Dr. Saad ali (army medical college)July 3, 2021 at 8:05 pmReply

    Coffedent is the best learning tool you can ask for. If you are a fcps aspirant, please do as much as mcqs of coffedent and you will surely pass with the help of almighty ALLAH, it was due to guidance of the legendary sir JK that i was able to pass part one in june 2021 alhumdulilah with very little investment of time. I only did 1.5 months pf preparation, bcz i dont believe in things like 6 months of prep etc but at the same time i was constant in practicing mcqs of coffedent and the JK book. So practice as much mcqs and dont make errata of it And follow one person as it is correct 99.99 percent times so dont roam around asking answers and getting your self confused. Again thanks to sir JK for facilitating. You are a gem sir.

  7. Highly recommend Coffeedent App…
    Its a combineForm of Jk also Contains Asim bcqs Too…Do practice As Much As you Can through Coffeedent learning App
    One more feature is that its updated version …
    So if u find wrong key it will update soon…
    Rich Pool of Repeated Bcqs amd oneliners ..

  8. Allhamdulillah …..cleared fcps part 1 in my first attempt…..and i must mention do coffedent mcqs …it really helps to go through different types of mcqs and clear concepts…

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